8 little known ways that windows can influence your interior designs

Great designers know that nothing is too small to be overlooked. Design is essentially hundreds of tiny elements, all coming together to make a space look beautiful.

And one single window can help provide a great opportunity to decorate spaces with traditional and contemporary home fabrics, innovative blinds and shades, adding color, texture and patterns to modern interior design.

Plus, windows are important architectural elements that can magnify home interiors, brighten up decor and enhance living spaces by opening up your home. If you’re serious about sprucing your client’s interiors, you’re in for a treat with these window design elements.

Moveable walls to open up space or create distinct segments

Sapphire Windows - Smooth Sliding

This is a secret that most don’t know about. In an age where flexibility is the new rave, moveable walls certainly do the trick. Create spectacular spaces for relaxing, entertaining or just being.

With one swift motion, access your dining room, kitchen, living room or garden. Despite their larger-than-life size, these window cum doors open and close with ease to bring the outside in, or expand your living space.

Save energy, save your furnishings

We already know the potentially harmful effects of UV light, how they heat up homes and how they increase energy bills. But what most people don’t think about is how light can also fade your furniture and finishes as well.

One recommendation would be to get Low-E glass for your clients so that their home can always look vibrant and your designs evergreen.

Choose window styles that complement the room

Large rooms with tall ceilings could benefit from windows high above the ground or multistory windows. Smaller rooms can still take advantage of plentiful sunlight, views and look more spacious with lower floor to ceiling windows. Or install small windows just to add a touch of style.

Consider different opacities to change up the atmosphere

Do you have that room in the house where you know it would be great to have natural light pour in but there’s a need for privacy too? Especially if you’re dealing with a room that has a street-facing view, neighbours might be tempted to take a peek into the beautiful house or check out that cute garden…

Other than that, frosted glass just adds a touch of decoration so you can save on curtains and all those unnecessary ornaments.

Let light in while saving valuable wall space for art

Whether you’re planning to hang an art piece or leave the exterior walls bare to balance out the other elements in the room, clerestory windows are going to help accentuate your interior designs.

Clerestory windows are used as a design feature by many architects to give the appearance of the roofline as floating above the structure and can be used in a variety of applications. The window lets natural light enter and also gives the illusion of a much more spacious living area.

Using a window wall as the feature wall or the highlight

When you have a beautiful scenery just outside, it only makes sense to make full use of it. There isn’t any better piece of wall art than nature. When choosing colors and finishes for your rooms look outside to the view to get inspiration.

For uPVC frames, you can even customize the colour of the laminates, so that should definitely help you blend colours even more.

Using windows as an accessory

There are no specific design rules when it comes to choosing window shapes and sizes. Sometimes having a blend of big, small, horizontal and vertical windows does create a quaint aesthetic appeal. From rectilinear and curvilinear varieties to custom shaped windows, look to window manufacturers to see all of the options available to you.

Natural light is a source of healthy living

By illuminating living spaces naturally, colours will look deeper, more natural, and far more pleasing to the eye when they’re lit by natural light. From the tan leather of the couch to the gun-metal grey shelves or vibrant orange upholstery, natural light will bring life to the rooms in a way that artificial light cannt.

Feeling inspired and need a little help with choosing the right windows for your clients? Talk to us and we’ll be more than glad to help you!

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