OTIIMA SlimLine Aluminium – FUSION




OTIIMA FUSION stands out as a system which is completely built into the finishing materials, as if the window is merged with the building, becoming one.

This system incorporates window frames with reinforced binding polyamides and toughened glass, providing superior thermal and structural performance. It’s an innovative system, completely built-in on all four sides of the frame, providing the perfect fusion and a seamless connection with the interior and exterior spaces.


Absolute minimalism

The FUSION’s exclusive design features a completely redefined, minimalistic frame system by providing the appearance of “floating” glass door panels within the architectural finishes.

Achieve perfect continuity between the interior and exterior with a seamless transition, as the system and drainage are fully embedded into the finishes of the building. An add-on gutter can be incorporated, capable of draining large amount of rainwater even in extreme situations.

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