OTIIMA SlimLine Aluminium – OPEN PIVOT

Swing Systems (OTIIMA OPEN / PIVOT)



Designed with multipoint locking for security, a range of inward and outward opening configurations such as casement, top hung or pivot can be constructed in OTIIMA’s slimline profile. In addition, the frame is thermally broken for high thermal insulation between the interior and exterior of the window.

The OTIIMA OPEN and PIVOT door system is equipped with heavy duty hardware that can achieve very large openings. Furthermore, the PIVOT door has a self-closing function, allowing the door to glide into its closed position after being opened.



OTIIMA motorised pivot systems enhance stunning looks and contemporary style in every space. The imperceptible motors are integrated into the pivot hinge, on the top and bottom side of the door and aesthetics, there is an absolute combination: the hands-free pivot door is suitable for countless types of placements for both interior, and exterior situations, and there are no limitations.

This system adds extra attention to safety thanks to the self-closing function, in an elegant, smooth motion to its closed position after being opened.

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