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We believe every home is your own sanctuary and needs protection. This is why we meticulously customise and craft beautiful window and door systems to make your home soundproof, safe and secure for your peace of mind!

At Sapphire Windows, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of uPVC profiles that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Whether you are looking for traditional or modern styles, we have the right uPVC window frames to suit your needs and preferences.

Our strengths:

The beauty of our uPVC profile is its special sound insulation properties. Most people believe glass is important for sound insulation. This is somewhat true, however, the frame plays a big part in soundproofing too!

Why Choose Sapphire?

Why Choose Sapphire

Casement Windows

Casement Windows Demonstration
Sapphire Windows - Soundproof Casement Opened


Our casement or French windows offer exceptional energy efficiency and noise reduction. Equipped with advanced dual seal technology that prevents air leaks, these swing doors and windows are designed to keep the outdoor noise outside, providing a peaceful and tranquil environment inside your home.

In addition, our soundproof windows seal so tightly that it prevents burglars, haze, dust, heat and even insects from entering, keeping your home secure, safe and comfortable.


Why go for soundproofing?

Soundproofing is getting more essential to our lives as we work, play, and sleep at home.

Enjoy quiet comfort with our quality soundproof swing windows, utilising acoustic double-glazed laminated glass for maximum noise reduction of 45 STC (Sound Transmission Class). This translates to a reduction of 45 decibels, one of the highest on the market.

Sleep in peace and enjoy a pleasant haze-free environment in your home with our premium casement windows, unmatched in beauty, quality, and functionality.

Sliding Windows

Sliding Doors Demonstration 1
Sliding Doors Demonstration 2


Create beautiful openings in your home with our seamlessly smooth and versatile sliding system. These are effortlessly easy to maintain, easy to use, and long-lasting. Perfect for a simple yet elegant look!
Sapphire’s sliding systems are superior to others on the market due to our commitment to quality and attention to detail. Dual seals reduce the gaps for better sound and heat insulation.
Designs include pocket sliding doors, open L-corner sliding doors and extra tall sliding doors.


Sliding Doors Demonstration 3
Sliding Doors Demonstration

Why Choose Sliding?

Our windows are designed to offer effortless operation and smooth sliding, allowing you to easily control the airflow and light in your home or commercial space.

Additionally, our Sliding Windows feature advanced sealing technology that prevents air leaks, keeping your space comfortable and energy-efficient.

Lift & Slide

Sapphire Windows - Soundproof Lift and Slide
Sapphire Windows - Soundproof Lift and Slide


Our Lift and Slide Doors are designed to offer exceptional benefits that set them apart from traditional sliding or swing doors. They feature a unique lifting and sliding mechanism stacked with extra smooth wheels, allowing you to effortlessly open and close them with minimal friction. Lift and Slide Doors pack additional strength and are built to last. The stronger profile alls you to create large open frontages with massive panels up to 10m2! Designed to provide best-in-class energy efficiency and noise reduction, these doors ensure that your space stays comfortable and peaceful.


Why lift & slide?

One of the most distinctive features of lift and slide doors is their ability to create expansive openings as wide as six meters. This lets homeowners enjoy uninterrupted views of the surrounding landscape.

Additionally, lift and slide doors offer excellent thermal insulation and soundproofing capabilities. The doors are designed with superior seals and reinforced with thicker steel.

In summary, lift and slide doors are special because of their unique mechanism, expansive openings, customizability, and excellent thermal and sound insulation capabilities.

Fold & Slide

Fold and Slide
Sapphire Windows - Fold and Slide Doors


Our Slide and Fold Windows are a popular choice for those seeking to open up their space, maximise ventilation and enhance their home’s overall aesthetics.

Designed to provide an unmatched level of flexibility and functionality, allowing you to easily create a larger opening when opened, and remain sealed against sound, heat and smells when closed. Open corner designs can be achieved, all with our signature multipoint locking mechanism!

They feature a durable European sliding and folding mechanism that makes them easy to operate, allowing you to effortlessly open and close them with minimal effort.


Why Choose Fold & Slide?

Fold & Slide, bifold and folding doors are essentially the same system. Sapphire’s Fold & Slide feature advanced sealing technology that prevents air leaks, reducing your energy bills. 

One of the most significant benefits of our Slide and Fold Windows is that they allow you to create an unobstructed view and enhance airflow into your space. This creates a bright, open, and airy atmosphere, which can significantly improve your mood and overall wellbeing.


Louvre Doors Demonstration
Sapphire Windows - Half Louvred SD

uPVC Louvre Features

uPVC Louvre windows are sought after for their aesthetic appeal. In place of glass, the opaque nature of the louvres gives you additional privacy, ventilation or add a certain character to your home.

Commonly used in outdoor spaces, generator and pump rooms, louvres can be either fixed at a 30° angle to block out the sun while providing ventilation, or fully closed up to enhance privacy.

With a wide range of colours, styles and finishes to suit any design aesthetic, uPVC Louvres makes an interesting addition to any home or building.


Fixed Louvre Windows by Sapphire Windows
Louvres by Sapphire Windows

Adjustable Glass Louvre Features

One of the main benefits of our UPVC Louvre Windows is that they allow for superior ventilation and airflow, which is essential in Singapore's tropical climate.

The angled design of the louvres allows for precise control over the amount of air entering the space, making it easy to adjust the ventilation based on your needs. This helps to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and improve indoor air quality.

Remember the days in school with classrooms having ceiling fans and louvred windows all around? The reason for adjustable glass louvres was to fully ventilate the hot room, without having the window stick out to the corridor.


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