OTIIMA SlimLine Aluminium

OTIIMA SlimLine Aluminium

At Sapphire Windows, we are proud to offer premium aluminium profiles featuring the slimmest frames in Singapore. With only a sightline of 20mm, our frames are expertly crafted to provide a fully flushed and flawless finish that seamlessly integrates with your home’s existing design.

We work closely with our customers to ensure that each frame is tailored to their specific needs, and our team of professionals are dedicated to delivering unparalleled quality and customer service.

OTIIMA is an award-winning, high quality minimal frame system that hails from Portugal. With one of the absolute slimmest frames on the market, MMTW provides the best views and offers a minimalistic appearance from floor to ceiling. 

Winner of the Red Dot Design Awards the brand is globally recognized for its high acoustic and thermal efficiency, massive glass sizes and architectural integration, as well as ultra slim profiles with automated functionality.

Using cutting-edge technology, OTIIMA profiles offers a flawlessly-flushed finish with an exclusive patented hidden lock and security system that ensures the highest safety levels with a unique and elegant solution when combined with a safe toughened glass. 

All production standards and parts are manufactured to meet the most stringent European quality and safety standards, and they are guaranteed to be free of defects by our Sapphire Windows in-house installation team. 

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Extra Large


Sapphire Windows OTIIMA Plus - Visual of Installation of OTIIMA Plus Structure


OTIIMA PLUS is a technically sophisticated, flushed minimal sliding frame system that guarantees the highest performance with the slimmest aesthetics possible.

Being a Red Dot Design Award winner, extensive research and development were put into this clever sliding system in which the frame profiles are flushed with the construction material finishes of the building.


Redefining Design

The clear lines and innovative method of construction of the OTIIMA 38 Plus window system give it a restrained and refined appearance.

The system is highly watertight, airtight and offers high resistance to wind forces, honouring the best air and water performance in the market.

Along with its sleek aesthetic lines, a patented hidden handle / invisible lock is uniquely integrated to the frame, improving security yet enhancing the clean design of the window system.


Sapphire Windows OTIIMA Fusion - Visual of Installation of OTIIMA Plus Structure


OTIIMA FUSION stands out as a system which is completely built into the finishing materials, as if the window is merged with the building, becoming one.

This system incorporates window frames with reinforced binding polyamides and toughened glass, providing superior thermal and structural performance. It’s an innovative system, completely built-in on all four sides of the frame, providing the perfect fusion and a seamless connection with the interior and exterior spaces.


Absolute minimalism

The FUSION’s exclusive design features a completely redefined, minimalistic frame system by providing the appearance of “floating” glass door panels within the architectural finishes.

Achieve perfect continuity between the interior and exterior with a seamless transition, as the system and drainage are fully embedded into the finishes of the building. An add-on gutter can be incorporated, capable of draining large amount of rainwater even in extreme situations.

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