The contractor’s guide – What are the best windows to recommend to clients

Consumers are smarter than you think.

Because of the fierce competition between window manufacturers, contractors, interior designers and architects, consumers are smart. They tend to obtain at least five quotes, compare the prices and educate themselves as much as possible prior to signing any contract.

If you’re wondering how else you can make the sale, this article is for you! In this post, we’ll be covering two sections…

Part 1: What do homeowners want the most?

Part 2: What requirements do they have?


They want a more spacious room

They want a vibrant environment

They want a low-maintenance house

They want privacy for their home

For a more spacious room…

Small spaces don’t have to look small. There are several tricks that give illusions that a room is bigger than it actually is.

Allowing natural light inside the room opens up the interior and makes it look larger. If you have access to natural light, let it shine into the house through large windows. It will instantly connect the room with the outdoors, no longer limiting your space.

Use sheer window coverings, or pull them back completely, to allow more light in. If the view is bad, put plants or flowers near the windows and use lamps to brighten the space.

Placing a mirror near a window to reflect the outdoors is especially effective. Mirrors also reflect both natural and artificial light to make a room brighter during the day and night. They bounce light deep into the room, making it appear larger.

For a vibrant environment…

What you want is open spaces, more colour and more light. This brightens up the area and cheers up the mood.

A combination of skylights and floor to ceiling windows creates an appealing and bright conservatory-style area. You can even make the most of the space by pulling the doors wide open and throwing a few small plants (they don’t even have to be real plants).

Light coloured wood laminates for the window frame will help enhance the look. Because of its texture, the natural wood cladded accent is both sophisticated and calming. Pair that next to a pearl wall with white metal pendant lights, pale wooden furniture to make it even more stunning.

Break down walls, using large sliding doors in replacement, to double the space. Not much is needed to create a significant impact. For example, knocking through a separate kitchen and dining room to create a spacious kitchen-diner, which is more informal and relaxed.

It’s going to be difficult to resist such an elegant design.

For a low maintenance house…

Enjoying your home — and not being a slave to it  — is what homeownership should be about. Who likes cleaning and repairing anyway?

Control clutter by removing accessories. Dual-function furniture is useful for a home of any size. Similarly, windows can too. No need for curtains, blinds, and shades. Magic-glass windows can black out with the push of a button, and go back to transparent with another flick.

Which such a cool window, your clients will definitely be excited about their windows.

Aluminium and uPVC are great choices as they require little to no care, other than the occasional wipe-down. Materials such as timber warps easily and requires regular painting and varnishing to prevent degradation.

Seal the house well with a good window installation. Gaps in ill-fitting windows allow dust and dirt, or even haze, to enter the house and settle on furniture, which is a hassle to clean. Recommend your clients double-gasket seals and they’ll be eternally grateful for the housework you saved them.

For privacy in the home…

Regardless of where you live, having the possibility of prying eyes is always a concern. No one likes someone watching their every move.

Position windows strategically, if you’re client is a new home owner considering building their dream home. Take into consideration the placement of their neighbors as well as the street view. Athough you may not be able to keep everyone from peering, there are alternative measures you can recommend if they already have pre-existing windows

Sapphire Windows - Fold and Slide Doors
Fold and Slide Doors Demonstration

Opt for louvres. Apart from the beautiful aesthetics that custom louvres offer, they’re also the perfect option for protecting overall privacy, while allowing for ventilation and some light to enter the house.

Sapphire Windows - Half Louvred SD
Half Louvred SD

For sound-proofing and water-sealing, read this article to find out more.


Different window styles, glass options and frame materials serve different functions and you can recommend the ideal windows to meet your clients’ needs.

Below, we have a comparison chart for your reference, free for you to use!

You can easily recommend the correct option to suit your clients needs and style by considering the above-mentioned tips – ensuring that they’ll be able to enjoy their home to its full capacity.


Many window companies often suggest generic or low-profile window brands, because it’s cheaper and they can earn higher margins.

No doubt the windows perform basically the same way that branded windows should: letting in light, sealing out moisture, opening to allow airflow. Longevity may not be their strong suit, though.

Recommending them these average quality windows might serve them for a couple of years, but very soon they’ll be experiencing problems.

Guess who they’ll blame? Yup, they’ll blame you; the contractor. And that’s going to hurt your reputation. You wouldn’t want that. Instead, go for someone who provides good customer service and warranties. Alternatively, ask us for a quote.

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