The coolest windows you never knew existed


My name is Dave and I’m a Magic Window.

I go by many names. I’m known as magic glass, smart glass, smart film, switchable film, privacy glass film, electronic window tint, PDLC Film, Window Shading Film, and sometimes other names.

I am capable of switching between transparent and opaque using AC power. I’m like the transition lens eyeglasses, but of your home and buildings.

In Singapore, you can find me commonly on the Light Rail Transport (LRT). When I get close to apartment units, I automatically turn opaque to keep prying eyes from looking into your apartment, giving you your much-needed privacy.

Magic Glass vs Ordinary Glass

You’ve probably heard of my more popular cousin. His name is Glass.

He’s an amazing material and many people like him.

He brings light into spaces that would otherwise be dark, dingy and damp.

But he has some drawbacks…

While he lets in light, heat enters even when you don’t want it to.

On a scorching sunny day, as heat (“solar gain”) enters your home, the more you’ll need to turn on your air-conditioning…which is a horrible waste of energy that costs you money and harms the environment!

That’s why home windows are fitted with curtains or blinds. My owners are very happy with me because I save them a ton of hassle and money on cleaning and maintenance since curtains and blinds collect a fair bit of dust.

I have a lot of benefits too! Take a look at some of them 🙂

Advantages of Magic Glass

  • On-demand privacy control

…for times when you want to handle private matters

  • Save on energy bills

…when you need to block out the heat without turning on the air conditioning

  • UV and infrared blocking

…because you want to protect your loved ones from harmful rays

  • Hygienic and low maintenance

…who doesn’t want an easier life? I just need a wipe down every once in a while.

  • Security

…to block off prying eyes

  • Long life

…tested in excess of 1,000,000 cycles

  • Aesthetic image

…Come on, you’ve got to admit I look pretty cool right?


I was engineered in a unique way, made up of two electrically conductive films filled with liquid crystals and polymer.

When the current is on, the liquid crystal particles in the glass align uniformly, allowing light to pass through. And when the current is off, they scatter, preventing light transmission.

It’s just like someone covering your eyes with a blank sheet of white paper. You can still figure that there’s light, but apart from that, you can’t see anything else.

Now, change the direction of the paper such that it is parallel to the floor and you see clearly again.

Because of this cool technology, I can block up to 90% of UV rays and 80% of visible light, so I double up as a window and a door at the same time.

I can be controlled in a variety of ways too. You can operate me from a wall switch, a remote control, timer, auto door lock, and even via motion sensors…

Scenario #1

Today is a beautiful day and you want to enjoy the open views from your bathroom as you brush your teeth. However, to take a hot shower, you require a little privacy. With a simple click of a button, your glass frosts up and you get all the privacy you need for your bath.

After putting on your towel, a simple click again allows you to enjoy the openness of nature. What a great morning.

Scenario #2

You are at your table doing some work, sitting next to your window. Sometimes it’s nice to look out at the scenery around to get some ideas or just relax your mind for a couple of minutes. Sitting next to the window is inspiring but…the sun is so hot that even your air conditioning isn’t helping.

Picking up your remote control, you press a button and I change to frosted glass. Now you can shut out the heat while still enjoying some natural light.

Scenario #3

There are some confidential documents and artifacts that you keep in a safe deposit box in a separate room. When you want to open the box either to deposit or withdraw items, you want your privacy.

Thankfully, when you closed the door behind you and locked it, I immediately turned on my opaque setting and guarded your valuables against being seen.

You can also use me for these other purposes. I can help many people and I can probably help you too!

Use Cases

Common places you can find me in (Residential)

  • Bathrooms
  • Living room
  • Study room
  • Door entrances
  • Feature areas

Common places you can find me (Hospitality)

  • Hotel room privacy screen
  • Bathroom/bedroom privacy screen
  • Internal windows
  • Nursing rooms
  • Operating theatres

Common places you can find me (Commercial)

  • Office & boardroom partition screens
  • Meeting room doors
  • Train windows
  • Internal windows and doors
  • Safe deposit boxes

If you would like to learn more about Magic glass or how other windows can keep your home cool, you can talk to us to find out more!

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