Why Sapphire Aluminium

Why Sapphire - MMTW Aluminium - Slimline - Cross Section Diagram of Slimline Features & Visual Demonstration

Slimline is Trendy

The latest trend in window design are slim frames. We take it one step further using our Super Slimline frames. Panoramic views of the surroundings are made possible, with up to a mere 20mm of visible sidelines. Using this slim frame combined with a bigger glass surface area, users can enjoy the best of minimalism making it the perfect choice for contemporary properties. No other system can achieve this standard. 

How do we do this? The frames are embedded and flushed with the interior wall and floor finishes. Water drainage is specially designed to flow under the finished floor level, allowing for the interior and exterior floor to be at the same level.

Why Sapphire - MMTW Aluminium - Sound Insulation - Cross Section Diagram of Sound Insulating Features & Visual Demonstration

Accoustic Insulation

Excellent acoustic insulation is made possible with 38mm thick double-glazed glass. This configuration is well above the industry standard, achieving higher sound insulation in comparison to other competitive brands. 

In addition, double seals throughout the entire frame ensure exceptional performance of sealing out air and wind to keep your interiors quiet and comfortable. This is tranquility at its best.

Why Sapphire - MMTW Aluminium - Heat Insulation - Cross Section Diagram of Heat Insulating Features & Visual Demonstration

Thermal Insulation

Aluminum is a good conductor of heat, but not thermally broken aluminum. With not 1 but 4 thermal breaks/insulators in our frames, heat transmission is reduced to a minimum, keeping your interiors cool. This is especially useful in tropical countries such as Singapore, where the temperatures are constantly above 30 deg all year round. 

Thick 38mm double-glazed low-E argon glass can be added to further enhance the heat reduction effect. It is important to realise most of the window surface area is in glass, hence having a poor insulation like Argon gas in between the glass helps to reduce heat transfer into your home.

Why Sapphire - MMTW Aluminium - Exceptional Quality - Cross Section Diagram of Features of MMTW being of Exceptional Quality & Visual Demonstration

High Quality Profiles

The biggest benefit of aluminum windows is the strength that they can withhold. While all metal windows are strong, aluminum naturally has a very high strength-to-weight ratio, which makes them perfect for extra large windows. 

If you are looking for a minimalistic design with the glass area maximized, our thick aluminum profiles can support extremely large panes of glass. As a result, you could expect sleek and slim looking windows without having to incorporate bulky frames.

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