Why Sapphire UPVC – Durability

Highly Robust & Durable

Why Sapphire - uPVC - Durability - Cross Section Diagram of Durability Features

The ‘U’ in uPVC stands for un-plasticised, and it simply means the polymer is in a rigid and hard form. Our uPVC systems show high resilience against rot, warps, cracks and discolouration. 

The steel inserts reduce expansion and contraction, providing rigidity when the frame exceeds certain thickness. Not only that, our uPVC system is also invulnerable to pest damage. They are completely resistant to termites and other insects’ infestations. Even after decades, our systems show no signs of weathering.

With uPVC’s superior properties, your windows will always perform at its peak and still look as good as new even after many years. Top grade materials will stand the test of time, saving you the hassle of replacing them. Other attributes include resistance to ultraviolet rays, humidity, delamination, expansion and contraction.

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