Why Sapphire UPVC – Soundproof

Sound Insulation

Why Sapphire - uPVC - Soundproofing - Cross Section Diagram of Soundproofing Features

The beauty of our uPVC profile is its special sound insulation properties. Most people believe glass is important for sound insulation. This is somewhat true, however, the frame plays a big part in soundproofing too! 

With our multi-chambered profile and dual seal technology which compresses all gaps in the window, sound waves are near impossible to penetrate through. Combined with our laminated or acoustic glass, we can reduce up to 40-45 decibels of sound (or STC45), making us one of the most soundproof systems available in Singapore.

Soundproofing is essentially about mass density. Simply put, the higher the density, the better the sound insulation. uPVC as a material is denser compared to other materials and thus better poised to keep out the sound.

Less noise means better sleep. Better sleep gives better days. Better days mean happier lives.

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