Why Sapphire UPVC – Thermal Insulation

Reduces Heat Transfer

Why Sapphire - uPVC - Thermal Insulation - Cross Section Diagram of Thermal Insulation Features

Being a poor conductor of heat, uPVC offers a high level of thermal insulation (U-value = 1.4W/m²·K). This makes uPVC windows and doors a better choice if you are looking to keep your house cool. 

The frame is tightly double-sealed, which reduces heat transfer during the day and prevents air leakages so the cool air from your air conditioning will not escape at night. This means lower air conditioning bills, lower electricity bills, more savings!

For an even higher thermal insulation, double-glazed or low-emissivity (Low-E) glass is an efficient technique for additional energy savings and reduction of heat through infra-red rays from the sun.

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