Everything you need to know about windows and door materials

Door/Window Performance Audit

If you scored less than 5, you could do with some improvement! In this article, we break down all the ideal qualities a door and window can have so you can enjoy a cozier home and live a comfier life.


Gone are the days when the roles of windows and doors in the house were limited to just being sources of natural light and fresh air, or easing the access into the rooms (in the case of doors).

Today, doors and windows are increasingly recognised as an indispensable energy-saving component in homes.

Air Leakage

Hot outdoor air can travel through gaps between window/door frames and the wall into your home. Conversely, you wouldn’t want cool air from the air-conditioner to be running out either right?

Good installation will ensure the frames are sealed tightly so there is no leakage.


Heat can be directly transferred through the frame from the outside to the inside, heating your house up.

Frame materials that are insulators of heat like uPVC can help prevent unnecessary heat transfer. It neither retains nor transfers heat indoors


Infrared heat energy from the sun can pass through the glass and heat up your room.

Low-E glass or double-glazed glass minimises heat gain or loss through the glass by reflecting the sun’s rays, hence reducing your air-con usage. Installing this is a little like cashback on your household’s electrical bill!


In today’s busy world, it’s hard to find a place where you can come home and enjoy some peace and quiet. You have noise from the neighbours, cars honking, trains whizzing by, school bells ringing, dogs barking, or even airplanes flying overhead…

The noise intrusion is hampering you as you lie on the couch watching TV or maybe when your children trying to do their homework.

Dual Seals

Windows and doors are the weakest points for sound insulation in your home. Most people have traditional windows and doors that have gaps even when you close them. The gap allows noise to invade the tranquility of your home. By including fusion welded joints and double seals, you can improve the overall sealing-encasement so all gaps are covered.

Double Glazed Glass

With two glass panels separated by an air cavity, unwanted noise from the outside can be significantly blocked out. Your windows can block up to 40 decibels of sound, allowing you to enjoy solitude and sleep without the stress.

Multi-Point Locking Systems

Shutting your doors and windows tightly at multiple points, helps you cut out outside sound. You won’t have to complain about the noise when you can’t hear it anymore!


It’s all fun and games, playing in the rain and letting nature flourish…until the rain enters your home. Rainwater seepage can cause more damage to your property and cost you more than you think.

Aside from the obvious cost of repairs, it can escalate into mold and bacteria formation, if not remedied soon enough. This could cost your family respiratory ailments and infections as well.

Water Drainage System

Strategically located water holes in your window or door track can help to prevent water from accumulating and spilling into your home. This is absolutely crucial if you have doors or windows that are in direct contact with the rain.

Outward Sloping Gradient

A track built at a downward angle, usually about 5°, enables rainwater to flow away from your home.

Corrosion-proof Properties

Traditional wooden windows and doors warp over time and are susceptible to gaps that invite rain. As much as wooden doors look great, a soft corroding door isn’t going to be of much help to you.

uPVC and aluminium frames are better alternatives as they are monsoon friendly, which is especially helpful in tropical countries.


Sleeping through a storm is delightful isn’t it? But no! You’re kept awake by slamming doors, rattling panels, and whistling windows. These are common occurrences in many places of South East Asia during the monsoon seasons and they are frustrating.

Plus with high wind speeds, how could you leave your house for a holiday without worrying about your window giving way or a door swinging open?

Steel Reinforcements

Most windows rely only on one point – the latch. And that’s dangerous because it’s too much pressure. Having a galvanised steel reinforcement running through a uPVC frame would be a good safety feature to consider if you want to prevent your windows falling apart in strong winds.

Most uPVC windows also come with a multi-point locking system to secure the window in at least three different locations. Sealing the window tightly shut will prevent any rattling so you can finally sleep soundly.

Stress Tested Hardware

Door handles, hinges and bolts take a beating because of their frequent use and handling. You wouldn’t want to scrimp your money here, then end up having to change your hinge when your door slams and it breaks. Or the latch coming loose and your door opening wide…

It’s best to get quality hardware that can survive in tough conditions so you can rest assured that your home is taken care of by your doors and windows.

Zero Degradation of frames/profile

Because of the constant pressure from the wind and rain, or the sudden expansion and contraction from rain to sun,

Choose a frame which doesn’t react to the environment and is resistant to weathering.


Often, windows and doors are kept closed to prevent mosquitoes and other little critters from entering your safe haven. Not all doors and windows do this, as there may be gaps between the frames.

Having the necessary fittings (A) and (B) to your window will help you keep insects out.


You can opt from various mesh material options; fiberglass, stainless steel, aluminium, HDPE plastic, among many others. This way, you can allow for visibility, enjoy air-flow, and natural light. These are great materials because they do not corrode, rust or dent too.


Wherever you stay, there is no running away from dust. From construction sites, pollen, vehicle exhaust, fumes from industrial sites, even your air conditioner condensers sitting outside your house.

You clean your home every weekend, only to return from work the next day and find a layer of dust settled on your sofa, where you were supposed to sit. Dust reduces the life of your curtains, upholstery and adversely affects the health of many who suffer from asthma and eczema.

Double Gasket Seals

Dust enters your home through small cracks and gaps in windows or doors. The best way to tackle this is to have them sealed. You can even opt for a double gasket sealing where joints are fusion welded together to ensure no gaps remain and dust has no way to enter.

Silicone Sealant

This might seem like a simple remedy but it definitely does the trick too.

International Quality Installation

Having a certification from ISO-9001 or similar organisations could help you determine if your installer has quality products and quality installation processes. You wouldn’t want glitches or small fractures in your products that might unknowingly compromise on your health.


Security is the #1 feature all homeowners are concerned about. Windows and doors are the easiest points of entry for any burglar. Other than adding padlocks upon padlocks, there are many other ways to strengthen your home.

Multi-point Locking System

Traditional windows are secured by a single latch in the middle, which can be broken fairly easily with a simple wedge and hammer. Traditional doors can also be easily picked with pins and lockpicking tools. This system makes use of bolts at 5-7 that cannot be picked or pried open.

Unique Locksets 

Or even better, use a door locking system that has multiple lock functions. This will confuse the burglars so much they’ll probably give up breaking into your home!

At Sapphire Windows, we have a security system that boasts a 3-7 point lock.

It’s reliable and provides solid all-round security.

Toughened Glass

Burglar resistance is possible with the use of laminated glass, double-glazed glass, tempered glass, and heat-strengthened glass to withstand forceful entries. Alternatively, blacked-out or opaque glass can be deployed so that burglars cannot see into your house and be tempted by your valuables.


Irrespective of the size of your window or door, you want high-quality materials, well-designed features, and good workmanship. This includes rollers, hinges, sashes and bolts. The last thing you want is a jammed window that won’t close or a door that won’t lock.


Replacing windows and doors is a hassle no one should have to endure. It is time consuming, stressful and dangerous for you. One of the highest quality materials available on the market is uPVC. It requires little to no cleaning, it does not corrode, it retains its luster for years.

This is definitely a material to consider if you want your windows and doors looking as good as new for years on end.

Performance Optimisation

Many homeowners complain of their doors and windows falling out of alignment with repeated use. And this is commonly due to wear and tear of the material. Typical plastic rollers can break down easily from chipping and stainless steel components may dent with rough usage.

Steel reinforcements provide additional strength to your windows and doors. uPVC is also a material formulated to ensure it maintains its shape regardless of environmental condition and use.


Every house has a unique need and every homeowner desires a certain appeal for their home. The colour you choose and the style you use bring a lot of character to the home and each accessory has a different role and function.


In a world where colour captures and enhances the essence of our lifestyle, it only makes sense that you use laminates that retain their colour and vibrancy.

It is important to source for applications that are resistant to corrosion by the sea (important for beachfront property), are protected from UV discoloration and are suited for humid tropical weather. And definitely look for a source that offers a warranty against delamination!

Operating Styles

If you need more space, if you want easier maintenance, if desire smoother openings, different operating styles are available for each of your needs. Have children or elderly staying with you? There’s an operating style that has easier use and there’s a style that secures your windows too. See the range.

Glass Designs

Whether it’s cooling your house, or letting more sunlight in, there’s a glass for that.

Whether it’s having more privacy or blocking out noise, there’s a glass for that.

Whether it’s improving ventilation or it’s improving security, there’s a glass for that.

There’s a glass for every need. Check out this article to see which glass suits your home best.

If you would like to discuss more in detail, you can contact us.

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